Impact Of COVID-19 On Manufacturing Industries

As India also implements work from home to find the breadth of COVID-19, its implementation looks very difficult in the manufacturing industry. This is leading to a lot of job losses as the economy of the country is slowing down. While IT companies hold experience in remote working practices, The Other industries in India have barely been comfortable with it yet. The majority of the sectors in India are, however, not open to the idea of the culture of working from home. Over the years, IT companies have developed themselves. They are equipped with all the necessary systems and the security features that allow their employees to work from home or work remotely.  Usually, 22% – 30%of the employees of these IT companies work from home given at any point in time. Now 90% of the employees are working remotely. Even IT companies are not yet ready to serve again on such a more massive scale basis.

However, according to Anjali Raghuvanshi, chief people officer, Randstad India, the advanced security measures will be looked into to maintain data security and confidentiality. According to various sources of information, traditional physical gatekeeping methods are also replaced by virtual gatekeeping.

Several Indian industry captains have taken over social media to talk about the pandemic coronavirus crisis. The situation has made the world hit the reset button once again as it let’s several other changes to venture in. To bring in these changes such as a more substantial digital outreach to abstain from personal contacts, most of the industries are recently adopting the accelerating Trend of work from home model. It is seen as a much more rational approach by several business leaders where the manufacturing industry in India finds it hard to adopt. Various companies are taking the work from the home model as a preventive measure towards the coronavirus pandemic. Still, the manufacturing industry is finding it very difficult as it requires human touch for specific jobs. In a nutshell, it is an adamant time for the people working in the manufacturing industries as their life has come to a halt even when the other sectors, such as IT is functional.

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