A-One Steel Group – Embarking on a sustainable journey

Slowly and gradually, the resources of the earth are depleting. And this is the biggest challenge of today. Being the leading steel manufacturers in South India, we are aware that change begins at home. Hence, we take the necessary steps that drive a positive transformation for a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

In our endeavour to create a sustainable future with a circular economy, we implement practices that judiciously utilise the resources. While we navigate a changing energy landscape, here are our efforts to towards a better course of time: 

  1. Developing a thick green belt in and around all the manufacturing units. 
  2. Recycling every bit of water.
  3. Zero discharge of polluted water.
  4. Providing quality education & accessible healthcare to the surrounding community.
  5. Promoting a paradigm shift towards electrification through captive power plants. 
  6. Creating an eco-friendly workspace powered by green & clean energy.

All our initiatives aim to raise the green belt, conserve biodiversity, overcome water stress situations, preserve the aquatic environment, and more. Needless to say, there are plenty other advantages too, such as:

We, at A-One Steel Group, have been proactively responding to climate change because we feel a sense of responsibility towards our nation and our future generations. Our journey towards a sustainable tomorrow will keep on advancing for humanity. We will not retire until we achieve tangible goals.

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